2020…The Year We Will Never Forget! 😱🌎😷

The year the Whole World turned upside down due to the Pandemic of Covid-19, a word we didn’t even know before.   It started out so bright….we were making plans to return to our Europe Sprinter Van adventure after several setbacks in 2019!🙌🚐🌎 And loving our Sailboat life more than we could have imagined.  Sally’s back on the mend….

Here we were  at Beautiful Crystal Cove❣️..With hopeful hearts for 2020!    From 46 beach Historical cottages to Moro Campgrounds seaview sites you’re sure to be delighted too!!!🚐  Here  you also see The Beachcomber Cafe with the red umbrellas!! 🏖These charming  cottages dating back to the 1930’s are on the National Register of Historic Places & can be rented year round!  Reservations are recommended for both the cottages and campsites! We enjoyed the 3.2  miles of marine protected coastline with 7 secluded coves perfect for tidepoolers!  Swipe 👈 to see more of Crystal Cove State Park Moro Campgrounds unparalleled oceanview campsites complete with picnic tables! From here you can hike the 3 mile High Bluff Trail to the Historic District or drive like us to the upper parking lot.  Then take the fun Beachcomber Cafe shuttle to this quaint colorful sandy district !! We enjoyed a delicious burger & couldn’t resist one more stroll along this beautiful beach before hiking up the trail for a knockout sunset. 🌅 There are 2,400 acres and miles of trails open for hiking, biking & and horseback riding!🙌 Crystal Cove State Park is located right along Highway 1 just north of Laguna Beach.  Arriving by car or RV its a perfect stop ! 🚐 Arriving by boat?⛵️ No worries, anchor in either Dana Point Harbor or Newport Harbor just a quick 30 minutes away‼️. If you’re short on time, grab a yummy bite & take in the whole view from directly above at The Shake Shack!! *Fun fact….15 Movies were filmed at Crystal Cove, most recently “Beaches!” Don’t miss this hidden gem, we had a lovely day & hope you enjoy it too! 👍💕. PS… Only 36 days till we leave for Flybye in Spain!! (We thought)  🙌🚐🌎😍👏

Then came Valentines Day, one of our favorites!!  Still on target for an Amazing 2020! We were planning 7 new Countries…Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and The UK!    Happy Hearts Day❤️ Let everyday send LOVE your Way‼️Happy Travels Always 🚐🌎😍❤️👏🙌👍⛵️❣️🌷🌷🌷‼️

80767655-477A-43CD-B449-5EF8DF8BFA31And then reminiscing to Corfe Castle where we totally fell in love with Vanlife  in Europe!   Really can’t wait to get back… only 30 more days, we thought…..See the CASTLE & Steam Train wayy down there?🧚‍♀️ The trail began here ➡️ & led us through the gated pastures & grazing animals to the medieval stone Village & Castle both named Corfe Castle‼️ Isn’t it lovely these trails are public?👏. After shipping Flybye to England in 2018, this  first campsite “Haycraft Club” in nearby Harmans Cross quickly became a Fav!🚐😍. 👉From here it’s about a 3 mile walk to the romantic 11C stone village & captivating Castle ruins with breathtaking views.  The Castle was a Royal Palace & Fortress constructed by William the Conqueror in 1086 with secret places of treachery, treason, “murder holes” & arrow loops!  You can explore on your own or take a tour like we did to discover this National Trust Site’s fascinating history.  The open days & hours are Seasonal, so check before you go. 👉Dont forget to visit the Corfe Tea Rooms with an English garden & a roaring fire for cool days!😋 Polish the day off with a beer at The Fox Inn , Corfes oldest Pub circa 1568! 👉Walking TOWARDS the Castle through these pastures was easy because we could see it.  Walking BACK , not so much!  That’s the Steam Train we WISHED we would have taken & yet another gate we did take!😱 Seriously, do you see any signs of a “trail” in any of these pastures? 😂  It really  was a lovely walk with riveting views & somehow we found our way back to happy Flybye!👍🚐 We were so enchanted with storybook Corfe Castle and we hope you are too! 👍🚐🌎👏😍

Barcelona… one year ago.  Who knew now we would be praying for our world instead of traveling it?   We pray  you & your families are staying safe & healthy. 🙏 We are hunkered down in our liveaboard sailboat till we can get Flybye in Barcelona.🚐. We’ve been paralyzed….haven’t known what to post & how to encourage while we follow CDC guidelines.  We’re a travel couple ……and finally we looked at the ocean we live on. 🌊 We’re hoping that will soothe & encourage you during these very rough  times. That’s our “home” in the next photo, we haven’t been able to take her out because of Sally’s back, but thankfully now we can! ⛵️ So stay tuned⛵️😁 As always we’re sending you love & good vibes❤️. Bless our healthcare & all essential workers…. we’re grateful. 🙏. We pray for a quick cure & prevention.  And we appreciate You & all the love & support you’re giving💕. Everything has changed but we will get through this together…blessings to all💕🙏🌎⛵️🌊🌅

YOU ARE AMAZING 🙌 We can’t believe the IG & FB support, encouragement & positivity we see in ALL your posts, stories,comments & DM’s🤗 Honestly, in this wretched Covid-19 season , it’s SO heartwarming 🥰. We Thank You!💕🙏. And We are SO grateful for all healthcare workers, essential frontline workers, volunteers… we are eternally grateful & could never thank you enough for your & your families selfless sacrifice. 🙏💕 None of us could ever imagine quarantine, right? We’re all affected…physically, mentally, financially. Here  we were on our first sailboat⛵️… before marriage, before honeymooning & living on it, before vanlife through the U.S, Canada &  Europe,  before our second liveaboard boat and… before Corona turned the World upside down.   How are you doing with quarantined life?  We’re still trying to figure that out on a  sailboat? ⛵️😷. We’re missing Flybye🚐 …And like you,  aching to travel. 🌎 But we see so much suffering & yet beautiful acts of love & caring.  We’re more Grateful than ever to be together & healthy on our little floating home. 🙏⛵️ And grateful to you …for reaching out, checking in & connecting ….it means the world to us! 🙏😘 Bless you, stay strong, safe & healthy🙏…..Our prayers & love are with you & our World!💕🙏 Better  days are coming and we will get through all  this  together!🙌🌎 🙏🌈🛳🚐✈️🚞🏖

So we’re “staying home” on our Sailboat for now,  Flybye is waiting in Barcelona storage,  and like you ….we’re hoping , waiting & praying to see how this all works out🙏  Till next time….Hang in there !💕.  Happy  Trails & God Bless!⛵️🚐🙏



  1. Such a nice surprise to get caught up with you two……we are fine and I am at work right now…..just getting ready to take a lunch break.  I will try togive you a call soon.   I do love you….so happy you have a great honey for this time in your life.    Love        Ellie

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    • Hello my Guardian Angel 😇 I can just picture you working away & lighting up everyone’s life!💕. So glad you’re doing fine & we’ll definitely catch up soon! I love you more than words can say & all our special times!! Bless you always & big hugs!💟✝️💟😘💕


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