How Flybye Hooked Us on Vanlife…& More‼️ 🚐

How in the World did we get from “traveling California”  to most of the U.S. and Canada  & ship him 3000 miles across the Ocean? 😱🚐  And travel another 6000 miles thru 6 European Countries⁉️ Well, we aren’t exactly sure either 😂…….but  here is (sort of) where it started…😜

Jalama Beach, California. …FIRST TRIP🚐….That led to U.S, Canada & EUROPE!!  Below see  why we fell for VANLIFE  at this beautiful beach where you can park right on the sand! 😍. While we’re on this funky break, we thought you might enjoy this & some of our pre Europe 28,000 Flybye miles!🚐.

Jalama Beach County Park offers 23 acres & 107 campsites, all beachfront or oceanview, BBQ pits, picnic tables & great restrooms! Just over those dunes we walked, but there is also surfing, whale watching, surf fishing, & nearby hiking.  Arriving by boat?…harbor in nearby Santa Bárbara !⛵️. Don’t forget to visit the Jalama Store & Grill for a “world famous Jalama Burger!”

Next stop was Porto Bodega Marina & RV Park located in Bodega Bay! Here you will find 7 acres of family friendly park that’s perfect for deep sea fishing, bird watching, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, kite boarding …. or just relaxing in your marina site like we did!🤗

If that didn’t seal the deal, driving through the Redwood National & State Parks Did….with 380 ft trees you won’t believe & more!!😜 We really fell in love with Vanlife through the U.S & Canada & we hope you enjoy it too till we get back to Europe this Spring!👍🚐🌎🙌😊

OREGON….Flybyes first State!👏🚐. And this Park has it ALL!  See below miles of golden sand just a short stroll from this lovely State Park tucked away in the forest! 🌲 Complete with every type of beach activity…nearby Yaquina Bay lighthouses & Oregon Coast Aquarium!! Or drop anchor in Newport , Oregon! 

Does  it get any better?  Yes!!👍… take the scenic Hwy 18 Salmon River Drive to McMinnville & The Evergreen Aviation Museum!! Yes, that’s a real Boeing 747 on top of the Museum!! ✈️😜. Don’t miss touring Howard Hughes spectacular “ Spruce Goose” also housed here, along with impressive air & spacecraft, aviation related showrooms & displays sure to delight every age! (Also, this is where Sally began her airline career at Evergreen International Airlines in 1982, before the museum was even started in 1991!👩‍✈️. )

And California’s magnificent Redwood Forest is just across the border!  Don’t miss the joy of hiking through & waking up to these giant ancient 380 foot  trees.😍. We LOVE Vanlife & we hope you’re enjoying these U.S. glimpses!🚐❤️🌎 🙌😁

Washington❣️..will woo you with hikes like this to  37 mile Spokane River Centennial State Park Trail ! 

Here we are at Eagle Peak Loop, about a 1 mile hike with breathtaking views!  Then next you see the Trail which will delight hikers, walkers, skaters, bikers & horseback riders alike!  Winding through downtown , 40 historic sites, 526 acres all the way to Coure d’Alene, Idaho!  We just enjoyed the peace & quiet of nature, wildlife & the gentle river flowing , minutes away from the City! 

For even more peaceful solitude, visit Manito Park….Spokane’s #1 must see gem!  Besides rose, lilac, dahlia, Japanese & sunken gardens like this, there are playgrounds, walking trails, a cafe & large lawns for picnicking!  If you love nature & wildlife, this is definitely for you!!😍 We were so happy to boondock Flybye 🚐 in our family’s beautiful driveway ( Can you believe a driveway like that⁉️)

But there are a plethora of beautiful RV parks in the Spokane area, is a good reference! 👍  We sure hope you’re enjoying  these lookbacks till our Europe return in March!!🚐🌎🙌

Montana….Home to UNESCO Glacier National Park & riverside campsites like this!  Arlee’s Jocko Hollow Campground with a happy Flybye smack on the Jocko River! 🚐😁 If you love small, quiet campsites tucked away in a riverside forest, , you’ll love this one! 🚐🏕❣️. Nothing like waking up to the babbling river & Paul serenading!🎸

We really hated to leave but on we went into Glacier National Park with its ONE MILLION acres & 700 miles of TRAILS!! As well as 350 historical locations & 25 active glaciers!  Here you see Trail of the Cedars & we hiked the 2.3 mile hike to Avalanche Lake!  You’ll have stunning views  like this of the amazing glacier water as it rushes down the narrow gorge & more! 🤗.

Once you reach crystal clear Avalanche Lake you have this commanding view of the glacier waterfalls & carved mountain peaks!  There are so many things to love  in Montana & Glacier but for us this was a real highlight!! And camping in the National Forest is nothing less than enchanted!🧚‍♀️

This park is often referred to as “The Crown of the Continent”… it certainly charmed us and we hope you enjoy this 2016 Van America snapshot!! Can you see why we fell in love with vanlife on this trip?❤️🚐👍🌎🙌 And decided  Van Europe?😜🌎🚐

Wyoming….Where the buffalo (& more) roam in Yellowstone National Park‼️ ➡️The World’s FIRST National Park is larger than Rhode Island & Delaware combined!😜 And has the Worlds LARGEST  thermal features, petrified forests & high altitude Lake!

Here we are overlooking its showpiece…The Yellowstone River,  and there are also 290 waterfalls❗️🙌

There is an abundance of wildlife like this you can observe from Grand Loop Road! As well as THOUSANDS of miles of trails for you walkers & hikers!

Don’t miss Old Faithful where you can see the famous geyser erupt every 44min-2hours up to 185 feet high!  This, as well as the beautiful Old Faithful Inn next door are part of the Historic District! Totally cool!😎

We couldn’t get into any of the FULL 12 Campgrounds with over 2000 campsites. 😱Be sure to reserve early!  So we camped Flybye🚐 just outside at Madison Arms Campground.  It’s beautiful but it is down 5 miles of rough gravel road! (seemed like 50🤪)

Couldn’t resist this last shot of Paul & this stunning Park!😍)  *Wyoming Fun Fact … 750$ FINE for leaving a gate open! 😜 💥We were mesmerized & hope you like it too!  Our 5th State on our USA 2016  trip & Colorado is next! 👏🚐🌎

Well, that’s the beginning how we got hooked on Vanlife!!❣️🚐🌎   There are still 42 States & 9 Canadian Provinces we have to tell you about!  Think that’s going to be another whole chapter!  For now, here is our liveaboard sailboat decked out for Christmas!  Were hooked on Sailboatlife too.. blame it on Flybye!


And here is how THAT happened!..   When one door closes ..another OPENS!!😁⛵️ Sally’s back injury grounded our Van Europe Trip 🚐🌎 & left us to rehab on our liveaboard  Beneteau sailboat for 9 months ! 😝. And for several months, she couldn’t even get on it….and  when she finally could, it just wasn’t working!😬. Now what???….Have to say we were bummed!!😧😧 💫And then… we found this 2001 Catalina 380….,Exact same size as our Beneteau but a more practical & roomy layout!  Like a big aft berth, walk in shower, nav desk, top loading fridge & so much more!! 👍🙌👏 💫So while we’re really missing Flybye🚐 & Europe ….we’re thrilled with this boat & having fun fixing it up!  

So now for now it’s Happy New Year❣️ Wishing you Love & Joy in 2020❣️May this be the Best Year Ever!! Let the Travels begin!!🙏🚐⛵️✈️🛳🏍🚞🚂🌎🙌👍😍


And that’s a wrap for 2019!! Thanks so much for journeying along with us!!   We’re leaving in March for Europe again!!  👏🙏🚐🌎  Planning France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany , Belgium , The Netherlands & the UK!!  We have some fun things planned for you before we go, so until then Happy Trails & God Bless!🚐🙏





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