California Coastal Cruisin..🌅⛵️🙌

We left you as we had just arrived back in the USA from Europe!!!     Boy, has a lot happened since then!!! 😝. ……Missing traveling and Flybye we headed up the Coast by car to one of our favorite spots ever…..Morro Bay!  And it will CHARM you like no other🧚‍♀️! From our first visit as newlyweds, later with Flybye🚐 & even more now!! 🤗. Here you see Morro  Rock, a 23 million year old volcanic plug, which dates back thousands of years to the Native Americans sacred spot!  Later it was noted  in 1542 by Spanish navigator Cabrillo & 1769 by Franciscan missionary Juan Crespi as a distinctive rock formation meaning Morro!  Today it is an Historical Landmark & Peregrine Falcon Reserve!  We  love walking on beautiful Morro Beach where you can spot lots of wildlife & these darling Sea Otters playing & “holding hands.”😍. They are still endangered but are stabilizing  along the California Coast at appx 3000! 🤗. It’s fun that Morro Bay was the primary setting for Finding Dory,  where the  fictional Marine Life Institute was Dorys childhood home & known as “the Jewel of Morro Bay, CA!!🐠The beach offers a plethora of activities from surfing to horseback riding or you can opt for a quiet stroll along the ocean Embarcadero lined with shopping, wine bars, beer crafters & eateries!  We stayed at The Morro Bay Inn right on the harbor, but check out Flybye’s view from Morro Dunes RV Resort last year… does it get any better? 🚐👍🌎😍. The activities, views & sunsets are spectacular whether you visit by RV, car or boat (like we want to do next⛵️)…..hope you love it!🙌😍👍

The Harbor Hop continues in our sailboat “Ayer Bourne”  to Oceanside…the quintessential California beach town with miles of white sandy beaches , an  1888 wooden pier AND a very colorful, quirky harbor village!  If you like a relaxing atmosphere of coastal activities & sumptuous views , you will love this one!  We enjoyed walking into town along the harbor where you will find lots of quaint eateries & shops, then back along the main Beach!  Aren’t these rental  beach cottages the CUTEST ever? (  And back in the harbor, there are plenty of Sea Lions, like this one posing, to entertain you! 😁 This was our first stop in “Ayer Bourne” on our Harbor Hop up the California Coast⛵️……we hope you enjoy it & join us along our way till we return to Flybye!!🚐 Still missing him but feeling so blessed with all this!!🙏⛵️. Oceanside also has great RV camping spots,….San Elijo is very close right on the bluff to hear the surf!! 🙌⛵️🚐 🌎😍

Just to the north is Dana Point…..”The only romantic spot on the coast,” as described by sailor Richard Henry Dana Jr in 1835! 💙. Check our Doheny State Park with 7 miles of sandy beach, and one of Flybyes favorites before we shipped him across the Pond!🚐🇬🇧. A bronze statue  of Dana, who traded cowhides here, commemorates the Harbor which was built in 1961!  Now it’s home to marinas, beaches , 31 restaurants, hotels , shopping, fishing and daily excursions of whale watching, parasailing and Catalina Island trips. 🤗. Next you see a replica of Dana’s sailboat the “Pilgrim” which is now used as a hands on classroom for the neighboring Ocean Institute!🤗 This whole area is designated as a California Historical Site!🙌. Just up the hill we walked to Dana Points historic core, “Lantern Village,” where the streets are named various lantern colors ( like Golden Lantern, Ruby Lantern, etc) because 200 years ago the harbor ships used different colored lanterns to identify & sell their fares!! For you athletes, there is the annual Grand Prix bike race attracting  world bikers and the Turkey Trot of 10,000 runners.  AND, don’t miss the Tall Ships Festival in September ,  which is the largest U.S. west coast ship gathering.  And if you missed the last posts video, here you can see the Pilgrim docked , Island Bridge & Jetty as well as the Harbor view from our sailboat framed by Saddleback Mountain!  No wonder “Endless Summer” was filmed here! 😍. We are enchanted by Dana Point and we hope you are too!!🧚‍♀️👍🙌

Can you believe this stunning Harbor?? 😍. We hiked up from our sailboat to the historic Bluff Top Trail which you see part of here!  Besides the knock out harbor view , it traces the rocky ruins of a 1920 scenic walkway….and the beautiful stone Arches of a grand luxury Hotel that sadly was never completed.  It was part of the dream project of wealthy & prominent investors who purchased 1,388 acres for development in 1926.  Led by Hollywood’s home builder S.F. Woodruff, they built 35 homes, 34 are still occupied , but the Great Depression halted the Hotel construction & all was abandoned in 1939.  We love Dana Point & hope  you enjoy this sweeping view starting from Camp Pendleton to Dana Bluff ! ⛵️🙌

Uh Oh! 😱.   RV travel all over Europe …GOOD! 😁 Working on houses …BAD! 😫. Slaving on our house for re-lease, Sally herniated a disc that went into sciatica & affected a walking nerve.   🥴. It’s slowly healing but her new motto is… “I can travel, sail, RV, hike, camp , but working on houses hurts my back….On, inside, around, by, outside houses……even the word “house”  hurts my back!”🤣 And Paul wore himself out , which never happens!😱. All will be fine, but we learned (again🙈) nothing is really worth jeapordizing your health… and we’re hoping this might help you!🙏👍 Thankfully, Sally is improving with PT , walker etc & will have some fun posts for you until we can hop back to our harbor hop sail !!🤗🙌⛵️ Until then, plz protect your back & health, it’s everything! 🙏👌😍

E70B337E-37E2-4CD1-9E16-185CE2537254You can take the Ayers out of the Adventure but you can never ever take the Adventure out of the Ayers!!!  🤗.  We had to take a break from our Harbor Hop as Sally couldn’t get on the boat & needs a little rest to heal… now it’s the Beach Hop until she is cleared for Sailing! 👍⛵️  So next it’s on to “The Spanish Village by the Sea” of  San Clemente with a rich & intriguing history from Hobie Alter to President Nixon!!  Till then Happy Trails & God Bless!!🚐⛵️🚐




  1. Take your time to heal. The world will still be there for you but you only have one body. Love reading about your adventures. Barb 😎

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