Back in the USA ✈️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

California bound we made  it from Barcelona to Miami but then it looked like days to get out😱…… still feeling adventuresome we grabbed a last minute 3 day cruise from Cheap to Costa Maya!🤗. Better than expensive hotels waiting to get out, right? 🌈🛳Unbelievable last minute deals!! 🙌. Serendipitously, this was just what we needed!  You can see us  leaving Miami & then this Mexican Vacation spot offering everything from party pools with swim up bars  to more tranquil pools lounging by the Sea!  We enjoyed a beach walk of sweet reminiscing & back on the ship made a happy toast to Flybye, Europe, New Friends and more Adventures!!!🚐🌎🥂❤️👫. Feeling grateful🙏…and NOW we’re on our way to a few months of California sailboat  life!✈️⛵️😍

You won’t believe it??!!…We met the amazing & very fun on IG , chatted on FaceTime from Europe & they stopped by in their Sprinter to meet us on our sailboat in California!! 🚐⛵️👏 What a great welcome home👏. Having a blast together here, we then sailed over to Catalina Island, 26 miles across the sea!🎶.  Next is Capt Paul and us pulling  into Avalon Harbor!  Then we walked along the rocky shore to the glamorous Casino built in 1929 by chewing gum magnate William Wrigley Jr…….Casino means “gathering place” in Italian & its famous for its huge rotunda ballroom on top.  He actually owned the Island in 1919 and you see his 16,000 sq ft Wrigley Mansion high on the Hill , its a private event center now & the Island is held in Conservancy.  Lastly is the Catalina sun setting on the 4 Musketeers!😂. What began with a “like” and a “follow” turned into a lifetime friendship!  We all have so much in common…Sprinters, mutual friends & careers, flying, sailing & traveling. …. One of the best things about RV life  is meeting fun people & making new friends, right?👍. We had a fun time & hope you enjoy this beautiful & historic Island as much as we all did! ⛵️🙌👍🚐🌎😍

More  Sailboat Fun!!…..360 degree view of Avalon,  Catalina Island and a Cruise Ship in Port!  Capt Paul is navigating but you can also  see  crewing our boat !  Check out the prior post for more on that!! Love vanlife but hope you enjoy this glimpse of Sailboat life too!🙌⛵️😁

OMG!!!! …..look at the dolphins playing with the bow of our sailboat….seemed like they wanted to join us to Catalina! ⛵️. We think these are one of the sweetest creatures on earth & especially when they do this!❤️🐬❤️ We don’t always see them , so we were happy they swam along & treated our visiting IG friends and guests !! 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬⛵️😍Hope you enjoy this “frosting on the cake!” 😍🐬

Look at these smiling happy seals basking in the sun!! 🤩. California is one of the most well known concentrations of them! They can dive down 1000-3000 feet and hold their breath for up to 30 minutes! 🤗. We always have to circle the buoys a few times & talk to them…this one actually barked back!😂. Hope you enjoy them too! 😍. We are seriously missing Flybye 🚐 and our European adventures, but also loving being back on the water & sailboat life. 🐬🐳🐠.  That’s our home sweet boat!😍⛵️. We moved to our boat to make van-life in Europe work, but it turns out we really love Sailboat life too! 😍⛵️. And we sure enjoy following all your adventures too!!👍🙌🌎

We will be on our sailboat until August when we go back to Spain & pick up Flybye 🚐 to continue our European adventures !!  🙌.  We can never stay put for  very long so will be posting the “AdventurAyers” all along the way!👍🌎⛵️✈️🛳🚞!!  Thanks  so very much for joining us and until then, Happy Trails & God Bless!🚐🙏



  1. I cannot begin to tell you two how much your posts and your blog make my day! I’m completely envious of your energy and stamina as you traverse across the universe and take it the wonders of the world. I know I speak for everyone when I say we are eternally grateful you take the time to share your journey, your photos and your love with the rest of us. We love you guys!!!!!


    • Oh my Kathy….that is such a lovely note and really means the world to us!! 😍 Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!🙏 We are having the time of our lives and are so happy you’re enjoying our journey!! 🙌. We love you & all our gang…we are so grateful !!💞


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