Portuguese Riviera to Spanish Splendor🚐🌎⁉️

Oh my…. we fell behind in our blog for various reasons, technical problems  & more! 😱. But we’re back & here we go …….Cascais….”The Portuguese Riviera!” A luxury destination, home to Royal Families, the rich & famous, resorts, & casinos. For us it was just a beautiful seaside village to take Flybye with great camping. 😍🚐🙌  See the amazing surrounding coastline  of sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, flowered trails & quaint harbor!! Doesn’t it look like a postcard…?😍 The whimsical Museo de Castro Guimarães was a mansion built in 1900 by an Irish millionaire, who went bankrupt & sold it to The Count Guimarães & he left it to the town to be a Museum! 👍 Now it’s filled with intriguing items, 16,000 historical volumes including Chronicles from Portugal’s first King Alfonso Henriques in 1139 & more!🤗 The Santa Maria Lighthouse is located next to famous mega yacht Cascais Marina which hosted the 2011 World Cup !⛵️ The Lighthouse has been a guiding light into the Tagus Estuary since 1868 & still blows a foghorn! We loved this picturesque, quaint Village with a Big history & we hope you enjoy it too!👍🚐

Next up the Coast was Nazaré…….The Biggest Waves in The World!!! Can you believe it⁉️…..The gigantic waves are apparently created by an underwater Nazaré canyon & of n January 17, 2018 Hugo Vau SURFED a 115 ft wave!  Nov through Jan is the season for these humongous waves!   Here you see Sitió, an old cliff village where the locals lived until 18C.  You will also find the chapel Ermida da Memória with an intriguing legend of a knights horse being saved supernaturally!  Next to it is the imposing baroque Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazaré erected  in 14C .  Just a short  walk to the Fort & back down to the beach and you can see the cliffside 1577 Fort of São Miguel Arcanjo which is now a museum & working lighthouse!  We were charmed with Portugal’s oldest fishing village with great camping & we hope you are too!!👌😎🙌😍🚐

On to Porto…..SO PICTURESQUE and is included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!!! The looming Clérigos Tower you see was constructed with the Church in 1750 and at 248 feet was the Tallest building in all of Portugal! Next is the iconic Dom Luís I Bridge from 1886 which was engineered by Théophile Seyrig cofounder of The Eiffel Company! See the similarities with the Eiffel Tower?  The bridge connects Porto to  Vila Nova de Gaia on the left & look how charming both are?!! You have a great view from the top which is just pedestrian & the train!!👀🤗. Next is the enchanting old district Ribeira adjacent to the Bridge!  Then Liberdade Square , a grand plaza with 18C posh & that’s the Porto City Hall in the distance!  And just a short walk away is the beyond amazing São Bento Train Station….it was constructed in 1896 on a Convent site from 16C…. And the 20,000  tiles that adorn the inside were hand painted by the renowned Jorge Colaco in 1905-1916.  They tell the history of Portugal dating back to 1387! There are also beautiful Churches, museums and don’t miss The famous Port wine tasting!😋🍷 Paul & Flybye give a thumbs up to the  nearby beach & Canidelo  Campsite!👍🚐 We really were intrigued with all of Porto & we hope you are too!!🙌🇵🇹🍷😍🚐👌.

Continuing to Gorgeous  Guimarães…….The Birthplace  of Portugal!!🇵🇹 Can you believe it?……It’s medieval origin dates back to 10C but in 1128 major political & military events took place to birth the Country!  Here is the top of the 11C Castle of Guimarães looking down on part of the majestic 15C Ducal Palace! The Castle was ordered by the widowed & very wealthy Countess Mumadona to protect the Monastery she also built on the rural property.  Another shot of these National Monuments .🤗 Next is Penha Mountain which we took the gondola cable car up….to see Penha Sanctuary at the very top and also  great views, hiking, cafes, a hotel & more! Back down we came to the gorgeous 1785  N. Sra. da Consolação e dos Santos Church…Isn’t The Penha Sanctuary on top pretty at night? And also a nice view of the cable car gondola going up! Lastly is just a glimpse of the magnificent UNESCO historical district and the famous medieval Santa Maria Street! It was an important route between the Monastery & Castle and has been inhabited by the clergy, nobility & prestigious! There is so much more in Guimarães plus a great Park4night site right at the cable car base!  This was our last stop in Portugal & so memorable, we hope you enjoy it too!! ❤️🇵🇹🚐. 

Crossing into Candás , SPAIN….a fetching village of rolling green hills and rocky coastline even in the grey sullen skies! 🌧Feeling melancholy to leave Portugal which stole our hearts💕 & this grey, rainy weather didn’t help! 😱. And then….. these sweet lambs grazing behind Paul in our campsite . Then  for the stunning ocean view from Flybye!🤗 Next is the beach, bay & harbor of this historic fishing village!  It dates back to 10C as a whale trading post between Asturias & Northern Europe. Then in 13 C it was home to the most important fishing fleets of the Cantábric Sea.  This was such a lovely stop for us after a long drive …….We enjoyed walking from our campsite by that green knoll you see & along the windswept bay to see the Big Tides,  quaint village & bobbing boats in the harbor! And then back to Camping Perlora with our doors open….. Flybye & Paul think this site is amazing! 🚐🙌 And look at the daisies & lush green grass …..Northern Spain is looking good & we hope you enjoy it too?!! 👌🚐🇪🇸❤️🙌🍻 Feeling blessed with our Vanlife!

We really can’t believe we have been through 5 countries and are heading to ANDORRA!  We have a few more delights in Spain for you next time & then another whole world in Andorra!! We sure hope you’ve enjoyed this portion  & thank you for journeying along with us!  We continue to make improvements in timeliness & techniques for our Blog ! We do post almost daily on Instagram@adventurayers and Facebook @AdventurAyers and would love to see you there also!  Till next time Happy Trails & God Bless! 🚐🙏


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