Picture Postcard Portugal ‼️ 😍🇵🇹👌🚐🌏

Spain was beyond awesome😍….. what would Portugal be like?🤔……Just like a Picture Postcard!!👌🇵🇹 ……You wont believe it!   But first one of the most beautiful beaches EVER in Mazagón, Spain and we almost passed it up!😱 We pulled into Camping Doñana , located above it, which did not look appealing at first sight… remodeling and no bus service on the weekend anywhere , or into Huelva, where we were going AND is pretty much located in the middle of nowhere! We decided it would be ok for one night…and then we walked down the hill to THIS!! …and stayed the whole weekend! 🤗Later, we learned this beach “Playa Torre de Rio de Oro” is one of the most popular along Costa de La Luz!  Who knew??? Look at all the shells and you can walk for miles!  And the campsite is really quite pretty, like a little forest, nice restaurant & bar…plus a huge pool & great bathrooms! Paul narrates & is great Historian👍

Then on to Huelva……And The Niña, The Pinta & The Santa María..and Us in “ The Wharf of the Caravels,” where  Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492!   Besides the ships replicas, you can also see the Medieval Quarter & more to recapture the day of departure!  First is The Niña, then The Pinta & Paul on the Santa María & in the background behind him, the 122 foot Columbus Monument! Also located on the beautiful grounds is La Rábida Monastery where Columbus stayed and organized the expedition. Meanwhile, back home with Flybye at wonderful Camping Playa Taray in Isla Christina, we headed for this inviting beach just  across the street! We think it’s great to have home wherever we’re parked in this big wide world! 🙌🚐🌎 And Paul is in boat heaven⛵️‼️

Next, just across the border … and this amazing welcome to Tavira, PORTUGAL!🇵🇹  We loved it already and hope you do too!  Bless this wonderful musician that wandered our way!  Turn up the volume to enjoy the 360 degree view of the second largest Roman Bridge in Portugal dating from the 3rd Century AD. 🤗. It’s a walking Bridge to enjoy both sides of the River Gilão!  Tavira is an enchanting town of castles, churches & golden sand beaches which you’ll see right after this!  Turn up your volume😍

The Tavira Castle overlooking the white washed quaint Tavira is right out of a Storybook!🧚‍♀️  Here is The Church of Saint Mary with its Bell & Clock Towers!  And just like a storybook, the ancient Roman bridge leads to this lovely flower filled town square!🌺.  Back home at Campismo Rio Formosa in the sweet little town of Cabanas de Tavira closeby , we relaxed along this Boardwalk!  You can take a short water taxi across to the Island & miles of golden sand!   The campsite has its own pool  & is only a 10 minute walk from the Boardwalk and beach life! 🏖🍻.  And look at all the Tree lined pitches ! Vanlife in Portugal feels magical!!❤️🇵🇹🚐

We just really can’t believe how much we love  vanlife in Europe! 🚐🙌.  Check out the treasure trove of Faro, with its stunning Marina and across the beautiful 1812 Arco da Vila to enter Medieval Old Town !  Once inside, look back through the arch to the lush , orange tree filled Mañuel Bivar Garden…we also caught Mom & Dad Storks in their nest on the Bell Tower!! There are lovely cafes throughout, famous Churches and the entire Old Town continues to be encircled with these ancient walls called Muralhas de Faro. We took a 3 hour walking tour & still didn’t see it all! …But after 6 miles for the whole day we were happy to be home again!  Guitar waiting👌🚐😍🎸

Next was Lagos, which is….Wonderland!! Cliffs riddled with caves leading to long sandy beaches & sunny coves of Crystal clear turquoisey water!🏖. All this from lovely walking trails you see behind us.  Here are breathtaking beach scenes of Ponta da Piedade, Praia do Camilo & Praia de Dona Ana down a scenic set of stairs.  And then…just steps away is Castle of Lagos entering Old Town with the gorgeous Church of San Antonio and Old Town Square with typical Portuguese tile.  We really loved Lagos..a very quaint village of forts & castles framed by enchanting cliffs, coves, beaches, caves & brilliant seas!    Hope you like it too😍🚐

On we went to Sagres & Cape Saint Vincent, the most western point of Europe……and it’s easy to understand why it was thought to be the END of the World!!😱🌏.   First is the breathtaking East side & our “world end” view!  Next is Fortaleza  de Sagres built on these sheer cliffs!  This  lighthouse shines 35 miles out to sea!  Next, we are on the West side of the Cape with equally stunning rocky cliffs & look at that 200 ft drop off.  Hard to imagine  the Tidal wave that damaged the Fort from the massive 1755 earthquake! It was very windy & stormy…we felt like the wind would blow us over, so we were sort of hanging on! 😬.  Back in Sagres at Resturante Batedor , with its great harbor view was a great place to reflect!  Flybye is enjoying out  front too!🚐.    We were very taken with the beauty and mystique of this Cape & hope you are too!! 👍🙏🚐🌏🤗  On the  way out our Sat Nav led us to a dead end…is this the cutest little guy ever?🐴❤️

Next it’s on to Porto Covo,  possibly the prettiest village in Portugal along the prettiest Coastline!!  And believe it or not….even more magical continuing along Portugal’s West Coast!!  👌🧚‍♀️💙.  Thanks so much for journeying along with us! 🙏.  Plz let us know if there is more, less, different, etc we can post and we will try!  Till next time, Happy Trails & God Bless 🚐🙏




  1. Hi Sally & Paul,

    Wow. … this journey to Portugal is so lovely. 😙…..Huelva is an amazing place, in fact all your trips in this beautiful country was astonishing.
    When I read the part of your story that you said ” van life in Portugal feels magical” 💗💗💙💙 I couldn’t believe that now for us we have already booked to go to Portugal for next year in September 2020, this will be such an experience for first time with our motorhome.🚐❤

    To be honest we can’t wait. So nice to see all these lovely photos and vedio from you guys that is an excellent word of mouth recommendation.
    Thank you sharing all your beautiful journeis with us.😍😍

    Much love
    Mahin & Martin


    • Hi Mahin & Martin!!
      We really fell in love with Portugal, first time for both of us!! Think you will too & can hardly wait for you to go!! So exciting!! When you do, plz reach out as we learned a lot here! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but don’t miss Sintra! And plan a few days… it’s like a storybook! Would be so fun to meet up with you somewhere….Think we will be over towards Italy, Slovenia & Croatia next Fall… but you never know! Meanwhile , we will be following you along & enjoying your wonderful new adventures!! The BEST!! Happy Travels, Sally & Paul 😘🙌🚐🌎👍


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