Just When You Think It’s As Good As It Gets….😍🚐

It just keeps getting better!!❤️🚐  When we leased our house, moved to our Sailboat & shipped Flybye  to England ….we couldn’t have known what traveling around Europe in an RV might really be like!😜.   Thankfully, we are really loving Vanlife & really loving Spain!!🇪🇸❤️ We left you in Malaga and continued south to Marbella! Aptly named for its beautiful Sea which of course we loved!  But check out it’s charming Old Quarter of  winding medieval streets, hanging flowers & ancient castle ruins. And Camping Marbella Playa is just steps off this beautiful beach, has 2 bars & restaurants , huge pool & just a short 10 minute bus ride to town!

We were so close to Tangier, Morocco, we thought we couldn’t miss it… just about a 60 minute ferry ride from Tarifa Spain, but another whole CONTINENT away!!  Seemed pretty adventuresome, but we took the leap on a guided day excursion!  Have to ride a smiling camel, right?😁🐪.  This was our first ferry glimpse & city views!  Then beautiful rugs & The Tangier Grand Mosque in the Old Quarter! And this exquisite modern hotel with traditional Moroccan charm! It’s a very diverse City with so much to see and do!

We love big Cities but also small towns and we found El Puerto de Santa María… a little gem that has it ALL!  From the beautiful Marina Sherry to the lovely Paseo into town.. where you can go Sherry Tasting!!🍷. Here you can find the Castillo de San Marcos, ancient Basilicas, Cafes & more in an architecturally charming Old Section!  All this is a short stroll from Camping Las Dunas, a tropical paradise campsite right across from this beautiful beach viewing Cádiz.. just a short 3€ Ferry ride away! You can also take that awesome bridge over, but you will see next that Cádiz is remarkable to walk around!

Sally was doing van chores  the next morning, when she heard this!!😍…makes everything more fun & even the birds chimed in!  Sally loves  it when Paul plays, especially in Flybye!

Then, it was off to Cádiz….this penninsula city will steal your heart❤️…with amazing Castles & the gold domed Catedral de Cádiz you see behind us!  It’s the last great cathedral built in Spain!  We walked TEN MILES on this seaside promenade circling Old Town!  We started where the ferry arrived at the Main Plaza, through these lovely palm lined  streets, out to Castillo de San Sebastián on its own Island & seen from Castillo Santa Catalina & finally back to the Ferry!  ( That’s El Puerto de Santa María across the bay). And thought we definitely deserved some yummy Spanish coffees & cheesecake??!😋. It was quite a challenge getting photos,  as it was Carnival & there were zillions of people in town!

We also found this lovely lady dancing the Flamenco in an ancient  medieval street! Cádiz  & Sevilla, where we went next are known for Flamenco!  So fun!!💃

We LOVED Sevilla!  Doesn’t it look like a movie set??  It may be the most ornately decorated city in Spain , and you are bound to be enchanted!🧚‍♀️   Starting here at The Plaza de España to The Alcazar Palace with its beautiful gardens and pure gold & silver interiors!⚱️  Then Catedral de Sevilla with its famous bell tower , La Giralda…. the largest Gothic building in the World, and third largest Church in Spain.  We really enjoyed Camping Villsom, very quiet & filled with trees and just  a 20 minute busride to town!

Nothing can really capture the magnificence of The Plaza de España in Sevilla, built in 1928  and part of the 100 acre Parque de María Luisa!  It was used in the filming of Lawrence of Arabia & Starwars.  We were spellbound and hope you are too!

Well, that’s a wrap for now…loving vanlife in Spain!  We hope you enjoyed it and next it’s on to Huelva, where Christopher Columbus sailed out of and much more!  Till then Happy Trails and God Bless!!🚐🙏



  1. Loved your video of the Flamenco dancer: she earned a big tip in her basket. Things on the home front are great: Marines make good neighbors.

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