Blue Skies, Nothin but Blue Skies…..🚐🇪🇸☀️☀️

The snow was Quite the Adventure and very fun☃️❄️⛄️……but we were ready to enjoy  the brilliant blue skies & sun of Spain!🚐 ☀️🇪🇸 Are you ready…. here we go! 🚐🤗.  We left off in historic Tarragona & then continued south… to discover this delightful camping spot right on the sand near Cabrils! Doesn’t Flybye look happy?😁. We love camping on the beach & were thrilled to pull into this spot & wake up  to sun pouring in !   Hungry Paul waiting for a beach breakfast & followed by a morning walk to see this WWII machine gun nest!

Later we drove into town to find almost everything closed for the winter! (All along The Med)   Including huge apartment buildings & most businesses.  As with many towns along the Mediterranean there is a lovely promenade along the beach & we couldn’t resist sharing this yummy drink after clambering along the Jetty! And Paul checking the water “clarity.”  Always!😂

The next day , relaxed &  happy we drove on down the coast to Benicassim, another great beach town!  This time we found a spot right in town so we could walk everywhere! We can’t believe the Spain campsites, check out this one with a beautiful pool!

And nestled right in town by the 5 mile nature bike path complete with goats!!  And the beach promenade with its “Ruta de Villas” , a stretch of prominent family mansions. We also walked up to this very scenic spot overlooking this beautiful beach town beneath the mountains! We are camped waaayy at the other end….

We love small villages but also wanted  to see València! We got stuck driving thru the city for hours due to a bike race & streets closed! 😱Stressful rerouting thru streets too narrow, but Flybye managed!👍🚐

We found a nice campsite outside town & bussed in the next day which was fun!! (No city driving😊)  From The Plaza de La Reina you can walk to Historical sites like The València Cathedral, Santa Catalina Tower and so much more!  It’s a beautiful mix of old & new with Valencia orange trees Everywhere🍊

Next it’s on to Dénia , where we fell in love with the rocky coastline,  promenade, old town , harbor, & mountaintop Castle!  If it sounds storybook…it IS!  And all the things we love! ❤️ We camped just on the other side of this promenade & could hear the waves!!  And walked a good 10 miles to, fro & all around town!😅 You can see the point where we’re camped from the castle top behind us👀.

Loving Spain, on we go to Alicante, another storybook town of beaches, old town , castles and of course…a harbor!!👏 🇪🇸    Getting there was “The Day of NO” … several harrowing back ups & turn arounds,  one on a motorway exit with a tunnel too low for Flybye! 😬😱  And if that wasn’t enough every campsite we found was FULL!  ( Yes, we do have some challenging days 😜)  But then a lovely manager let us stay in the overflow parking…!   And we walked 5 minutes to THIS!  That’s NOT us inside the campsite, we are parked outside across from the pool but beyond grateful🙏


After a good nights sleep, we took the train into Alicante and found the amazing Castelló de Santa Barbara, the largest mountaintop castle in Spain.  We took the elevator up 42 stories in 6 seconds!

Here is a bit of the train ride back to our campsite in El Campello!

Hope you enjoyed our time in Sunny Spain, thanks for journeying along with us! Next is Cartagena & heading inland to Granada!  Till then, Happy Trails & God Bless!🚐🙏









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