How to Pack for….The Rest of Your Life⁉️😂

Yikes!  …..Well, we actually are still figuring that out!!  We are often asked how we pack?Soooo……..It’s been 6 months since we made the decision to lease our home, move to our sailboat & ship our RV to England.   That entailed downsizing from  2 walk in closets and 3 dressers to….3 small cubbies & 1 cubbie closet for starters. 😱 Yes, really….in both Flybye (Left- bigger) and Ayerbourne (Right-smaller) we use our 2 smaller bags also.

Sooo…,,,,, we came up with these 2 small  carryon roller bags and 2 over the shoulder carryons (above).  We initially also used 2 larger checked roller bags we brought back to CA & stored.  Sally  uses the cubbies, Paul uses the closet & bags.   This is where we left Flybye to be transported to the shipping yard in Baltimore…scary right?  But  that’s another whole story😬.   Here we are waiting for Uber to the airport and our 2 roller bags & shoulder bags with Sally (working on the blog😊)  And Pauls guitar🤗f2018226-4935-4832-83f8-62cd31a26632

OK,  next what to pack for all seasons & occasions in those bags!!  (Sorry guys, this part is mostly for ladies!)   The key is layering & color combining.   These  are Sallys favorite colors but it doesn’t matter as long as most of them combine well with each other.  Here is Sally’s list of 10 Basics in solid colors.  (Limit prints)

  1.  Jeans in black, white, blue, gray, teal
  2. Camis in black, white,  gray,  pinks , blues.
  3. Short & long sleeve T shirts in same colors.
  4.  Black & gray  long sleeved zip hoodies
  5. Lightweight long sleeved knit jackets in black, gray, cream,  , stripe.  These can double as a scarf around neck.
  6. Costco quilted black jackets….long, short & vest that fit in its own bag.  These are perfect, especially the vest.
  7. Short & long skirts in black, gray & footless tights in same colors.
  8. Black leggings & several print leggings.  Racer back T’s in black, gray, pink, blue for walking, working out & hot days.
  9. Tennies in black & gray..  Wedge sandles in black, camel. Black riding boots. Black flip flops with wedge heel. Black backpack,  print backpacks & dressy black bag.  Leg warmers.
  10. Warm & cool shawls  & scarves in black, white, gray & mixed colors of pinks & blues. Sets of woolen scarves, beanies, gloves.  Fabric sunhat with broad brim & back flap.


Now…… can layer ALL these up or down depending on temperature & formality.    IE…hot & casual would be jeans or leggings, cami, tennies or wedge flip flops & backpack purse & sunhat.  Dressier could  add a skirt, wedge sandals, scarf or shawl & bag.  IE… cold & casual would be jeans, cami, short & long sleeve T, jacket, boots,  wool scarf, beanie, gloves, backpack.  Dressier could add skirt, warm tights,  leg warmers, wedge sandals, dressy scarf & jacket & bag.   Here is one example, just switch bag , shoes & skirt for dressier.

Next… packing!  Wear or carry bulkiest  items on the plane….IE, riding boots, jacket, shawl, etc.    All of the lists will  fit in 2 roller bags & 2 shoulder  bags  Thus , all will fit in our 3 cubbies & 1 cubbie closet.  We only like to carry on one roller bag & shoulder bag , we do not like to check bags as we travel standby.  Backpack bag, makeup bag, & wedge sandals go in the shoulder bag so we only have  2 neat bags each.


We concentrated mostly on Sally’s packing, Paul’s is simpler but basically the same.  His list of 5 basics.

  1. Jeans, cargo pants & 1 pair dressy slacks in neutral colors.
  2. Short & long sleeve shirts and T shirts in neutrals. One tie Sally made him bring.
  3. Hoodie, lightweight & heavier jacket.  Warm sweater, gloves & scarves.
  4. Hats…. Well, Sally has one hat for sun, rain, wind etc.  Paul has LOTS that don’t really work for anything but he likes them. 😂
  5. Shoes …Hmmm,  LOTS!  One to match LOTS of belts. But  he always looks dapper!

We heard one rule that we found to be true.  Pack as light as you can, cut that in half … and you will only wear half of that.  Sally’s rule is that if it won’t fit in her bag, it’s not going.  Pauls rule is keep it simple.  We both are surprised how little we really need.  Most important is comfort!   Hope this helps you with packing, or at least entertains you!😂.  Next will be from England when we return mid January.  Till then, Happy Trails & God Bless!🚐🙏


















    • Hi Randy… thank you so much! Happy New Year to you! When I published it , the lists got messed up… I just fixed it with WordPress. So if you go to the site now, the lists are orderly!! Honestly, the technicalities of writing a Blog are much harder than traveling!! 😱😂


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