🎄…..How Christmas Found Us……🚐⛵️🎄‼️🙏

This is the year of ADVENTURE…..even Christmas! 🎄🤗.   We are like nomads, living in Flybye 7000 miles across the pond and temporarily camped out on Ayerbourne wherever we drop anchor! And ALL our Christmas decorations are stored (which we have zero room for, even if they weren’t)  😜.  What in the world will Christmas be like⁉️😱   Maybe this is not so great of an adventure????????😦………. And then we discovered….MAGICAL🙏     Every night THIS happens!……

We like to walk around the island where we are moored or cruise through the harbor for another bit of wonder!🤗⛵️

If we cross over the bridge , there is all sorts of Christmas fun!  These are just 10 second videos to give you a feel!

And then the best Christmas light show ever….after a very gray day & the ONLY light in a very dark threatening gray sky!  Just listen & feel God’s Christmas Peace! 🙏  Video is not edited, just Sally’s iPhone.

So we are feeling quite festive , but “uh oh” what about our big family that is used to celebrating at “home”????  Sooo….we took them to a very fun VRBO in Palm Desert where a good time was had by all!  Maybe too good, see bottom left! 😂

We are also having a big family Christmas picnic on the harbor which will be very different from our traditional Christmas dinner …..  Another adventure!👍‼️ And we had a lovely celebration with our longtime Airline family!

Topped off with the Boat Parade that went right by our boat…..the water was like glass that night!

Here is a view of the Parade from the bridge..

And to finish, here is a walk through the tunnel of lights!

So the Adventures continue in the most unexpected and unplanned ways…and we are so grateful for God, family , friends and CHRISTMAS! ❤️🙏.   May your Holidays be Blessed in every way!🙏.  We will be heading back to pick up Flybye in England after Christmas….then on to The Med!  Next we will tell you a little about our trials of downsizing & packing for……,the rest of  our lives !😂    Till then, Happy Trails & God Bless!🚐🙏








  1. I love your adventures and so glad you are doing this trip/adventure of a lifetime.  You are in my prayers for a continuing safe adventure.Love to you and many, many hugs. 

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