😂 Bloopers & Blunders😂

Yep….. LOTS of them! 😜…..See the BEFORE pictures below that only tell half the story!!! !😆.  Like these pretty pix taken on our very first “trip” to Big Bear, CA…. looks good, right?  Beautiful drive up,  nice sunny day in May……….right up till a “cold snap” & the  temp dropped to 35 degrees & howling wind that night!😱.  We had a very light comforter, outdoor chair pads instead of a mattress, & not even the propane heater could warm up Flybye….We froze ☃️⛄️!    So we installed an air mattress, down comforter, thermal blanket, electric heater…warm as toast!  Now we are good right?

NOOOO……the learning curve continues😜  Our very next trip up the coast & you can see we were thrilled…….And then,  Sally was happily making breakfast when Flybye makes a screeching sound that could be heard for miles around😱  So, we threw open the door & a man walking his dog was staring at us like we were aliens! 👀.  Who knew it had a very sensitive SMOKE ALARM & you need to vent Flybye when cooking!  (OK, well maybe Sally burned breakfast a little…never set off an alarm before!😂)   OK, now we’re set, right?

NOPE!…..It’s pretty uneventful till we pulled out  of  West Yellowstone.   Then…..Sally reaches for her coffee cup in its holder.  Hmmm, it’s not there or anywhere in sight.  She says, this is not good!😱  Really not good….. it slipped off the counter directly into our valise drowning her laptop! After a good cry & a visit to Apple, all turned out well. 👌   This photo is right before the fatal spill!!!   After that,  we doublecheck EVERYTHING before moving  Flybye.  What could possibly go wrong now?🤔

PLENTY!! ……We enjoyed the beautiful drive through Rocky Mountain National Park.  Incredible views including elk all the way to 12,000 Ft!  We were almost to the crest  when we heard a strange hissing sound.  Then , BANG!!!!  Our inflatable bed blew up,,, yes, really!   Paul thought we had a flat tire & Sally thought  the rear doors blew out. When we looked back our nice flat bed looked like Mt Everest. A huge hump in the middle.  We stop & let air out of it……..yes, that would have been a good idea BEFORE! 😂.  Too late….it was like sleeping with the abominable snowman!   We can’t stop laughing!😂😂😂   A new mattress & we are on our way, right?

NOT EVEN!!!! We raced across the country to ship Flybye to England, reams of shipping papers in hand……….when we realized we had grabbed the WRONG registration!! 😱  OH NO… the boat was leaving the next day!!!😳   Fortunately our Superman neighbor located the registration in our house & shipped it overnight! 👏  Off to England & no problems now, right?

WRONG!!!……It started with following the GPS in England down “2 lane roads” that aren’t even wide enough for Flybye!! 😬.   Then, driving left & roundabouts at the speed of light! 😬 These lovely pictures do not show the multiple back ups & nail biting moments!  Or following the GPS down a LONG bad road to a non existent campsite! 😮

There is SO much more…! 😂   We will save that for another post! 🤗   It’s all part of adventuring & we are learning to “roll” 😂 with the Bloopers & Blunders!   Next we have a little bit of California Coastal Christmas for you!🎄  Till then,  Happy Trails & God Bless!🚐🙏











  1. You are having too much fun. I see a book coming, Memories of Flybye. How about stand-up comedy routine about all the fun you are having. You tell a great story. Awesome Adventure!

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  2. yes YOU DO TELL A GOOD STORY. I was laughing at some of it because the same things have happened to us in our early days of motorhoming. It is good that you are writing this part of the adventure so that newbies won’t give up motorhoming and will be able to see the funny side of certain accidents that you can laugh at later.

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    • Thank you…😘. Yes, think we’ve made every mistake in the book & invented some new ones!! 😂. It’s not easy being a Newbie:-). I saw a cute saying that said “And then I realized it’s part of an Adventure”👍


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