Van Life…..Sailboat Life…..Happy Life!🚐⛵️😀

Who knew??😂.  Certainly not us!…..This was simply NOT on our radar when we married 4 years ago!  Both of us remember saying “ that looks like fun…..but not full time!” 😱.  And then……we got Flybye! 🚐  And everything changed, I mean Really Changed!   We started out camping 1 mile away and before we knew it we had covered 45 States , 9 Canadian Provinces , 24000 miles & were trying to figure out how in the world we could travel Europe!!🌎. We still aren’t quite sure whose bright idea it all was 🤔……our second post entitled “From Floating Home to Rolling Home”  talks alot about That!!!😂.   Here we are….house leased, sailboat secured & ready to live in Flybye 7000 miles from home!😜


And the next 22 posts talk a lot more about That!! 🚐🌎😂.   So now ….how about sailboat life?   Well, we leased our home &  moved to Ayer Bourne to make vanlife work in Europe!    And discovered……we really love sailboat life!!! ⛵️ ( And that’s a good thing because in retrospect…. we didn’t have a clue what we were doing!😱) .  Ayer Bourne was our first date & also our “getaway vessel” from our wedding!…Friends decorated the boat with the Mr. & Mrs. pillows and we still love them in the forward & aft berths!

We spend a lot of time in the cockpit.. (yep, it’s really called that) which really extends the living space!  Our post entitled Around the World in 80….Square Feet?!?  talks a lot about living in a small space… same here!   The cockpit feels like a floating patio & when it’s warm , we enjoy swimming off the back swim step!

And of course we love taking the boat out & do most everyday…… We really love being on the move, probably a carryover from our flying careers.  The Blue Whale is the largest animal ever to live on earth, as much as 400,000 pounds and 110 feet long  Their tongue weighs more than an elephant & their heart more than a car!  Fortunately, this endangered species is recovering to historic levels

Catalina Island is one of our favorite destinations….26 miles across the sea!🎼    There are 2 lovely harbors ….Avalon is more of a little town and Two Harbors is quite secluded.  It’s also a popular cruise ship stop!

Recently, we sailed up to Newport Harbor where you will find a plethora of wonderful restaurants, shopping, ferries & watersports. We came upon this Pirate House… We googled it & found out it’s a VRBO!  Arrggh Matey…even has its own Pirate boat out front! 😂

For now……..Van life & Sailboat Life is Happy life!   We will be returning to the UK in January  but stay tuned, we have some great local posts coming up for you!!!  Thanks for journeying along with us!      Till then, Happy Trails & God Bless!🚐🙏








  1. Thank you for sharing the adventure. We were sitting at the Sunriver Lodge having dinner in 32 degree weather with snow on the ground and discussing your adventure. What is the size of your sailboat? Is there only room for the both of you or is there room for guests?

    Merry Christmas and God Bless!!!!!

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    • Hi Randy! Brr, but I do love the snow! Must be so pretty & fun for you to get together:-). Our boat is 38 feet long & does have a V berth besides the master berth… we feel like it’s gigantic after the van 😂. But it actually is a bit smaller than a twin so it’s not very guest friendly. There is a nice hotel right on the water very close to us that’s about 100$. We leased our house, wish we had that for guests but we would love to see any or all of you ! Miss you, but glad we are all connected! Merry Christmas!!😘🙏


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