What does an RV Couple do when England turns COLD ❓🚐⛄️❓

Live in English Pubs!😂……Or head for California? 🏖.   We had been so blessed with beautiful crisp Fall weather….perfect, really!  A lovely English lady told us to enjoy it because once it turns…..THATS IT! !!😱.

And sure enough one morning we awoke to 39 degrees in Flybye and worse outside with the wind chill!⛄️   We bundled up , still cold ….& realized as much as we wanted to stay …Winter was on!   So we tucked Flybye away in storage and on a very cold, rainy  morning we left on a wing & a prayer! ✈️🙏

And after an 11 hour flight & a 20 hour day we arrived at our sailboat home ( Ayer Bourne) & fell into bed, oblivious to everything!😜. And we awoke the next morning to 71 degrees and this sunrise! What a difference a day makes!🤗

As much as we loved our Flybye adventures in England, it was a lovely homecoming & nice to be back in Ayer Bourne for upcoming celebrations & holidays! We couldn’t wait to take the boat out, so we hauled anchor with some steaming coffee & sailed out !  We both love the boat & life on it…Paul never stops smiling…..😀…..Really!

And we never get tired of sailing around the “seal buoy” and watching for ANY kind of sea life!  We really love everything about life on the sailboat……. it’s relaxing, peaceful, beautiful …and somehow nourishes our souls!  Same with life in the van….more on that later!⛵️🚐

We really enjoy starting out our day with a walk so next on the agenda was a stroll around the harbor & stretching out those stiff airplane muscles!  “Big Bird” was waiting for us in the slip… it’s really fun to watch these birds fish!  We will try to get a video of that for you!  Sally was feeling very happy & WARM!!😂

Next it’s  off to Dallas for a Family Reunion…our bags are packed and we’re ready to go!✈️  Dallas weather was “pool polar bear” but we enjoyed the luxury of a hotel room with a Bathtub!!!❤️🛀 And thouroughly enjoyed family!

Back home again to sailboat life, beautiful sunsets and Thanksgiving!!  So much to be thankful for this year!  Especially our nomad adventures on the van & boat…. thanks so much for journeying along with us!

We will be back to our weekly or so posting, thank you for your patience!  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas down here!  We are getting some great photos so stay tuned!  Till then, Happy Trails & God Bless!! 🚐⛵️🙏



  1. Living large and well-deserved! So happy that you are keeping us all in the loop. Your posts never fail to make me smile ear to ear!! XO Happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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