Seaside Castles & Steam Trains….So Storybook!!!

What is it about the Sea that just soothes ones senses?  Whether it’s walking by it, gazing at it, listening to it, smelling it….the sea seems to cast it’s own magic spell.  And when you combine that with villages, castles & pubs literally spun out of storybooks, you have England’s Seaside! Sally was completely mesmerized with Corfe Village & Castle!  We walked through these lovely pastures on a 3 mile public “trail” to the village….. and there it was, the Castle by the Sea!    It’s a view neither one of us will ever forget!  And we also won’t forget walking through those pastures in the freezing cold DARK  back to Flybye! 😱 ..But that’s another story! 😂

Corfe Castle was built in 1066 by William the Conqueror & has a long intriguing history of good & evil  deeds! It’s one of the most famous medieval castles & sadly was demolished in 1645 by Parliament to disable the Rebels.  It’s beyond fascinating & the seaside & village view are beyond stunning!

We took this historic Steam railway originally opened in 1885  to Swanage, another Seaside delight on a Very cold & windy day!  Time for a cozy Pub!

Later we visited The Portsmouth Historic Dockyard which is home to The HMS Victory launched in 1765.   Don’t miss this as you can’t imagine the low ceilings,  104 cannons , tiny galley , and Captains Cabin!   Can you believe they cooked meals for 850 crew members in that galley?

Also the HMS Warrior launched later in 1860 with 40 cannons  & 700 crewmembers! Check out the crewmembers “quarters!”   The Dockyard Museum is also fascinating & Paul enjoyed reading about The Teak Cutters movie star history with Mutiny on the Bounty!

The Harbour tour is scenic , informative & takes you by Portchester Castle which also has an intriguing history as a fort, palace, & prison. We climbed the VERY steep, narrow stairs to the various rooms & up to the 100 foot high keep with sweeping views. Paul loved  this “boat day!”

The next day we took a 2 mile walk through different pastures to a very small village called Worth Matravers.  We visited this local cozy pub where they craft their own beers & ales & handmake the most delicious fresh meat pie & apple cake ever!!! Then another mile down to the beach to wear that meal off!!

England definitely has a magical coastline & we really have only just begun….all this only about 50 miles from Southhampton where Flybye landed!  We will be flying to California for the Holidays & then back to England to winter in the Med!  Stay tuned, we have some fun Blogs planned!  Till then, Happy Trails & God Bless.🚐🙏


















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