The Isle of Wight is Sure To Delight!!

Have you ever met an island you didn’t like? 🤗We haven’t and this one is definitely special with historic castles, sandy beaches, Jurassic white cliffs & much more.  Just a short 2 miles from South Hampton or Portsmouth by Ferry or Hovercraft.  ….We ended up taking both!!😂We mistakenly went to Portsmouth & then raced to our ticketed South Hampton ferry with minutes to spare!😱.  Here is The Queen Elizabeth on the way out, the  Isle of Wight shoreline & coming back passing The Queen Mary!

Then, back in Portsmouth a few days later we saw & couldn’t resist the Hovercraft….. it’s like a water flying saucer & so we had another magical day at the Isle of Wight!  One hour by Ferry & just 10 minutes by Hovercraft!!

There is so much to see here that not even 2 visits can cover it all!  We bussed West from Ryde & went all around the 26 mile wide Isle beginning with the stunning views of Alum Bay, a steep chairlift ride down & the jutting white cliffs of Tennyson Down!

On south along the coast to Ventnor which feels like the South of France , complete with The Spyglass Inn!  An English Pub right by the Sea….does it get any better???😄 You can see it’s amazing location out on the point in the background!

Continuing East to Shanklin’s Old Village charm & the spectacular Shanklin Chine (ravine)  was astounding!  The 10,000 year old Chine is famous for this large drop waterfall & lush foliage along the stream to the ocean!  Complete with a lantern lit path, it felt like Disneyland !   The Chine Pub is located along the path & The Fishermans Cove Pub at the bottom,  but we were charmed by the unique combination of “tea & tavern” at the Vernon Cottage!

Already awestruck , we continued on along the coast to East Cowes and Osborne, the home & 342 acres of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert!  It is beyond magnificent & almost completely preserved & restored to the original opulence that Prince Albert designed between 1845-1851.   The Queen desired a place ”of her own, quiet & retired” & they lived here happily with their 9 children.

Next are some of the Royal children’s many quarters.  Prince Albert  gifted them with the Swiss Cottage (from Switzerland) where they learned gardening, cooking & economics by growing their own produce & selling it to their Father! They also rode & enjoyed their private beach.  Here they  served their parents tea shortly  before Prince Albert died in 1861 at the age of 42 from Typhoid fever or possibly other complications.  Queen Victoria went into deep mourning & wore black the rest of her life & died in 1901 at Osbourne.  She reigned as Queen for 63 years.

It is quite an amazing Isle, isn’t it?  We hope you were as delighted as we were & next is Paul’s “boat day” in beautiful & historic Portsmouth Harbour & along England’s Southern coast! Till then, Happy Trails & God Bless!🚐🙏








  1. Hey Paul and Sally:

    I haven’t heard back from you since my previous email so maybe I got voted off of the island. 🙂

    The RV Geeks are also driving through England right now. If you’re not familiar with their web site they are fairly well known in the RV community and will actually host portions of a new PBS series on RV’s starting in 2019. Anyway, here is their latest post about driving an RV in England that I’m sure will resonate with both of you.

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    • Hi Scott! So sorry,! You will never be voted off the Island!…somehow we missed this. We just connected on IG with your friends, thx for that! We are camped out in our boat in CA for the Holidsys , then will prob head for The Med over the winter. Getting pretty chilly in UK. I’m looking for you in the Pilots list so we can connect on email & text!! Hope all is well. Will be posting sailboatlife here shortly!!


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