Pubs, Pitches, Pounds and Driving Left!!!😱🇬🇧😜

Oh My!!!  So many new things to learn…and that’s not even counting the hair raising  “roundabouts!”  😱.   And an  even more harrowing  road we accidentally turned down with not an inch to spare ….even driving on the sidewalk! 😱😱.  Sally was too alarmed to take a photo which never happens, but it looked like this,,,,only worse with Flybye!😱    It is quite amazing how politely & seamlessly the Brits navigate all this!  But we think an awesome peaceful train or bus is best…,.leaving Flybye at the “pitch.”  🚐 🤗‼️ And finding quaint Pubs!!

After all that …….,we enjoyed strolling along  the River Itchen to The Great Hall which is one of the finest 13th century Medieval Halls & was part of the Winchester Castle.  And a great view of the city!  Then past the house where  Jane Austen lived her last years & then was buried at the Winchester Cathedral in 1817 at age 41.    It  was very cold & windy so the neighborhood Black Boy Pub with a cozy fireside seat & amusing bric a brac was beyond perfect!!

We caught this pipe organ in the Park playing Mama Mia!   Gotta love it, right?  Past the brick Old Mill & City Bridge , we couldn’t resist dinner at The Crown & Anchor Pub… Did we mention we are completely addicted to English Pubs & won’t eat  anywhere else!  Always warm & cozy with delicious food….👍😋

And we were off the next day  to The Jane Austen House Museum in Chawton. This is where she wrote  Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility & Emma from 1811-1817.   We could almost feel the inspiration for her novels in the charming original house & surrounding gardens. There is also a very interesting short movie of her life.  And yes, The Greyfriar Pub for dinner !! (Its true, we have  English Pub Addiction)😂

We had one rainy day & then stepped back 5000 years to prehistoric Stonehenge…This is another place that is so hard to capture with words or photos & sparks many questions.   We listened to the intriguing history on a little handheld guide device as we walked around.  Then a great mile long path through the pastures back to the museum, you can see Stonehenge in the distance!  And on to The Bell Pub in Amesbury , which is the Parish that Stonehenge is located in!

So we pretty much have the pubs, pitches & pounds figured out… but driving left & roundabouts take our full concentration!!😜 Thanks for journeying with us, next it’s a ferry to the  stunning Isle of Wight!!  Till then,  Happy Trails & God Bless!🚐🙏




  1. The Isle of Wight is where my father’s family is from…..there’s a churchyard in Chale where we can trace his family back to the 15th century! The family name is Spanner! Keep working on those roundabouts and make sure you go down Shanklin chine!

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    • Hi Wendy! How lovely, it will mean more that your Fathers family is there. That’s an amazing history to the 15 th century!! And we will check out The Shanklin Chine:-) We’ve kind of got the small roundabouts down……,, but the double & triple lane ones on the A motorways are yikes!!! Thx, will keep working on them… also right turns are challenging. 😜


  2. What an awesome adventure. You two are having too much fun. Must be great to be so involved in the history and the characters that we read and read about!!!!

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