Cathedrals, Castles & A Royal Wedding!⛪️💞🏰👸🏻

Just when you think it’s as good as it gets……..England just gets better! 🤗. Little did we know when we left Alton that a whole world of pure magic lay ahead!   But first, we had to have one more cup of  THE BEST COFFEE EVER at Cherry’s!  (Sorry Starbucks!)   Do Not miss this one!😋

And we were off with our new satellite nav to Morn Hill Caravan Park in Winchester….our very first Park in England! 🚐🤗.   We spent the next rainy day happily unpacking boxes & settling in!  The staff recommended The Cricketers Inn for dinner  just down this lovely 3 mile lane!   Hmmm, Sally thought too narrow, Paul said OK…….and we only had to back up once for an oncoming car!  .😂  Acually,  we would discover many similar narrow roads that Flybye can handle! 🚐   And what a delightful Inn & Pub on a stormy night…crackling fire, cozy table &  great food..Perfect!

We walked this beautiful 2 mile road into Winchester where there is something to enchant everyone! Starting with the  scholar & soldier King Alfred who restored Winchester after the Dark Ages and made it his capital.  Sally loved the ancient City Bridge entrance & walking along the River Ichen to the ruins of Wolvesey Castle!

Paul loved joining his fellow Knights at King Arthur’s Round Table! 😂.  The exact history of the round table is unclear.  Then down a winding road we were both astounded by the magnificent  Winchester Cathedral dating back 1000 years!    It cannot be captured with photos or words…it’s more like a profound feeling of stunning reverent beauty that literally takes your breath away. 🙏

We planned another day in Winchester but we learned of Princess Eugenie’s wedding the next morn so made a beeline for Windsor.  It took 4 trains & 2 hours to get to the Castle & we just missed her carriage ride!😱.  We really were not expecting to see her, but we were still very disappointed.  Happily,  bless this lovely lady who shared her video & carriage photo to share with you! 🙏. We felt happy to even be there at all!  The Royal Standard of the UK (flag featured above)  is only flown when the sovereign Queen is present.

Windsor Castle is the largest castle in the world and is visible from the River Thames & almost every part of beautiful Windsor.  The Royal Windsor Pub stands at the base of the walk up the hill to the Castle.

We hope you enjoyed this little whirlwind snapshot, next a bit more fun in Winchester, Jane Austen’s house & Stonehenge!  Till then Happy Trails & God Bless!🚐🙏







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