England…. you had us at first sight! 🇬🇧😍🚐❤️

Do you ever feel so connected to a new place that it seems you surely have been there before?  We were all smiles as we first drove Flybe off the docks in ENGLAND! 🇬🇧   And then headed straight away 30 minutes to Gold RV in Alton to add a satellite nav, electrical converter, propane fittings, etc to make Flybye compatible with British standards.  They couldn’t have been more awesome helping us with everything, including retrieving & storing our boxes which mistakenly arrived in London! 😱. Was not much fun packing up Flybye but will be great fun moving back in!

Now we have a few days to explore the very quaint small village of Alton with a population  of only about 17,000.  It is known by many as “Jane Austen Country” with its close ties to the neighboring parish of Chawton, which is home to The Jane Austen House Museum.  We were enchanted before we even reached the village with this lovely path & Kings Pond.

The Fall foliage is spectacular & so fun to walk through the colorful  leaves… we liked these beautiful  swans so much we took a little video for you.

We were looking for a place to stay since Flybye was in the shop and guess what we found???!!!…..The Swan Hotel!  Perfect, right?  It’s an historic hotel that is so warm & welcoming with all the old world charm combined with modern luxury!  We felt so cozy as we opened the door to this view……and Paul said , “ I bet there’s a beer somewhere in this hotel!”😂🍺

There was a lovely pub style restaurant where we had yummy  fish & chips & yes, a Guinness! 😂.   Then we had a walk about this  storybook village, these are the Alton Assembly Rooms which host many events throughout the year!

You can see why England really did have us at first sight, & the next morning did not disappoint.  The Mid Hants Railway where you can still see the big steam engines!  And The Saint Lawrence Church dating back to 1070 & still holding regular services today!

We hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of Alton…there is so much to see & love in the neighboring villages!  On we go to Winchester, Stonehenge and Chawton!  Till then, Happy Trails  & God Bless!🚐🙏


  1. I’m very confused…..you drive across the United States in a ‘one room ride’….cross country and continue on still looking as fresh and beautiful and the day you first started! And thats just Paul….lol. You, my dear Sally continue to look as stunning as ever….every single day. We are all loving the fact that you are allowing us to tag along on your amazing journey……love you guys!!

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    • Hi Kathy…. this is so sweet & fun!:-). Thank you! So sorry getting back so late,,, still figuring out all these techie things… think that’s the hardest part of the trip😂. I’m changing the settings so your msg should go right thru. So happy you’re enjoying the blog, fb etc…,,,Thx for encouraging us along, it means a lot! Love you😘

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  2. I can remember when Gene and I would sit in local pubs in the evenings as we travelled through England, Scotland, and Wales. At first, I’d write my journal while sitting there but before long, we would take turns writing our impressions of the day which were, at times, a little different. They are fun to read now.

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    • Hi Jane…,What a lovely memory,,, thx for sharing! We actually do the same,,, sometimes in Flybye. It’s fun to recount the day & we have found that we forget if we don’t! Thx for following us along!!😘


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