From U.S. To U.K…..Hip, Hip HOORAY….🇱🇷🚐🇬🇧‼️

WOW!   Seven thousand miles over land & sea and we really couldn’t believe we had arrived!!!!  We waited  breathlessly on the South Hampton dock for ”Flybye” ……and there it came around the corner, as if it had never left home!  SO Excited that all we could do was hug each other!    Huge thanks to Lamprecht Seabridge Shipping & Kingstown Receiving for making it all happen!  It’s hard to imagine that this one tiny office handles all these autos at the dock!   P.S….”Flybye” is what we call our RV.

We arrived in London with a day to explore before collecting Flybye!  So, we took an enjoyable bus ride from the Heathrow Airport to South Hampton, located & walked to the Premier Inn.  This was a welcome sight after a long night and day of traveling.  Sally likes to plan  ahead, where as Paul prefers to be in the moment….we actually make a good team together & this time the “no plan”  came about perfectly! 👏 A bite to eat, a Guinness beer, lovely room view….Hello U.K!!!!

And we were off early morn to check on Flybye which was still clearing customs & check out South Hampton.  The Mayflower & Titanic both sailed  from this bustling port and in 1339  the city was encircled with stone walls, towers & gates.  Now about 1/2 the original walls remain & its an intriguing mix of the old & new.

It houses 1.5 million & is known as “The Gateway to the Empire.”  We completely enjoyed treking all over, reading the many historical plaques & of course eating at the recommended Dancin Man Brewery!  This was a Wool House, so charming & gotta  love the ladies room wallpaper, right?

We collected Flybye and we carried on to Alton, England to have a few modifications done for our travels here.  Wait till you see this small, historic village… be ready for an enchanting visit!  Till then, Happy Trails & God Bless!🚐🙏


  1. oh, I am soooooo happy for you and that ‘flybye’ arrived safely. I am so excited for you both.. this will be a magical time for you and you will be making such wonderful memories. safe travels, Love you. Prayers and hugs

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  2. Hey Paul and Sally:

    Scott Gibson here. Long, long time no see. I got married since I saw you last and my wife is an RV enthusiast. I’ve still got 17 months to go before retirement but we are already plotting our RV trips.. We’ve rented a couple of times and love it. The last trip was to Alaska. Thanks for the blog. It’s inspiring. Keep up the posts. You’re doing what most people dream about but never go out and do. We hope to join you on the road in 17 months.

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    • Hi Scott,,, what a nice surprise! Congrats on your marriage & great that you’re enjoying RVing! It’s the best!!! Happy for you both & glad you’re enjoying the blog:-). Will look forward to meeting your lovely wife. If you’re on Facebook or Instagram we post on there also. FB @ Paul-Sally Ayer & Instagram@adventurayers. Look fed to connecting & chatting some more! Happy Trails🚐🤗


      • Paul and Sally:

        Joanne and I are off the grid when it comes to social media. If you’ve got a cell phone number or email address I can text to or send pics to I’ll send along a bunch of stuff from our RV adventures and other stuff. Your trip has generated a lot of discussion amongst other friends about a guy named Jim Rogers who went around the world twice – first on a motorcycle and then in a car towing a trailer. He wrote a book called “Investment Biker”. Pick it up along the way. I think you’ll enjoy the read as he shares your travel spirit.

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      • Hi Scott….Thx for the tip.. we will pick it up. Paul read another similar book about motorcycles called Long Way Around! I’m excited for your RV adventures & look forward to meeting Joanne! I will get our email to you! Happy Trails!🚐🌎


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