State by State..The Boat won’t Wait!🚐🚢🔜🇬🇧

Oh My,  what a gamut of emotions….. 🤗.  This was our last RV Park in the United States for a long time!  After years of planning, leasing our house and 4000 miles across the country….we are going to put our little rig on a boat to England tomorrow!😜.    Just can hardly believe it, but first we have to catch you up……We left Rochester, MN  at O’dark thirty & made a 401 mile beeline on Hwy 90 thru Wisconsin and Illinois to Gary, Indiana!  We were so happy to find the cutest RV Park ever for kids of all ages, even us Senior’s good to be in Yogis basket!😂

We love Parks like this that are wooded with secluded sites & lots of areas to walk & even go for a swim!  It’s early to bed and early to rise again and head 340 miles to our very good friends horse farm near  Cleveland, Ohio. Sally feels like she is home again,  as she has visited her Godchildren here for almost 30 years.  It’s really been lovely to see so many friends & family as we trecked across the country!  Paul got this great photo of the many mamas & babies on the farm now.

Such a fun visit &  hard to say goodbye ……but we were off again at the crack of dawn through Pennsylvania and finally… 328 miles later to Baltimore, Maryland!   After driving across the whole country we had arrived at our final  destination to ship our RV to South Hampton, England….SO emotional!!     Rambling Pines RV Park was the perfect ending to this first chapter of our trip, like a little wooded &  sun filled haven!

Rest is what we needed but it wasn’t to be… not yet anyway!🤔.    We had several challenges….changing  shipping companies,  packing up RV contents,  mountains of paperwork including getting the RV title which we thought we had…..and so on.  So much that we will include it in the next blog, which is entitled with the 3 questions we are frequently asked…”You’re Doing What?…In That?…How?”😂  We will take you on the winding journey of preparing for our adventure.    Till then, Happy Trails and God Bless.🚐🙏


  1. You two are awesome! So far it doesn’t sound like a peaceful adventure. Hope things settle down and you can take your time when your rig arrives in England. God Bless your travels!!!

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  2. Wow what an exciting adventure you two have had and will continue to have moving forward. We have enjoyed keeping up with it all on your blog. Safe travels and God bless you on this next adventure. Hugs, Donna and Chuck

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