The Heartland…Best of The West & The East!🇺🇸

Sometimes you just don’t want to change gears, right?  So still in a Western kind of mood we blast on through South Dakota to discover, much to our delight …a small Western Style campground with its own Saloon & Restaurant in Oacoma,  SD.   After 300 miles we are ready to stop!  And what great stop….best burger & brew in town, & Sally’s favoite country tunes!🍔🍺🤗

After fresh horses & ale……we are ready for the 400 mile drive to Rochester, MN! 😂.  Do you want to visit all 50 States… but not enough time?    No worries, you can stand in South Dakota, Iowa & Minnesota all at once near Larchwood, Iowa !   Or you can divert 20 miles off  Hwy 90 thru picturesque  Jackson, Minnesota like we did!  The heartland has so many charming towns like this, so it was a taste & better than not at all! 🚐

We had many miles to cover, but can’t miss SPAMTOWNUSA !     Yep,  Austin, MN  is where The SPAM factory and Museum are located! Who knew?🤗

Typically we drive around 200 miles a day, not 400… we now are pressed to get to the East Coast to ship our RV.  Excited on one hand,  but feeling like we were missing so much on the other.🤔.   Fortunately, we again are blessed with this perfect, peaceful RV Park in Rochester to rest our weary driving bones! Paul told Sally. “Look Honey, no feet”….which means he was tired & using cruise control.😂

Three more days of hard driving and we will be putting our RV on a ship to England!   This has been such a journey just getting this far we will be devoting an entire post soon to all that involved!!😱   Tomorrow, we will be zooming through IN , OH to MD!!  Till then, Happy Trails & God Bless.🚐🙏




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