Magical Mystery Tour…Idaho through Montana‼️

Are you looking for a place  that feels a little magical?  There is definitely something magical about Couer d’Alene, Idaho that’s hard to describe.  The city is situated on the north shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene which you see featured above.  The 25 mile lake includes the  Silverwood Theme park, the largest theme park in the Northwest , as well as multiple ski areas & resorts.  There are 55 lakes close by but none as spectacular & activity filled as this one ……..including great RV spots & the luxurious Coeur d’Alene Resort!

We figured out we had 520 miles to go to Billings, MT by nightfall….time was flying but we were not!  Sally being a little bit country ,  already had her cowboy hat on….Paul being a little bit rock & roll….not quite yet!😂  The drive through The Bitteroot Valley  is breathtakingly beautiful & wonderfully Western!  Paul even donned his cowboy hat & played Sally one of her John Denver favorites substituting “Hey it’s good to be back on this rig again.” 🚐🤗.    Don’t miss The Montana Club in Missoula!

We did not have time for Flathead Lake and Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks, but we are including them from previous trips.  They are all  amazing and if you are in this area, they would be well worth the side trips.  They are always on our list!

So 500 miles, 500 miles 🎼…….And we found The Yellowstone River Campground!   Cutest  ever & after a good nights sleep we are off again through Wyoming to Custer, South Dakota!   Happy trails & God Bless. 🚐🙏


  1. I am so glad to be included in your blog, I love reminiscing Ken and my trips the same route you are taking. So Fun. Love you are doing this while you both can. Love you and keep having safe travels

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