Around the World in 80……Square Feet❓⁉️

Absolutely ‼️….. It’s not only feasible , it’s fun!!  We are often asked how we live in such a small space, as we are usually  the SMALLEST RV in the park!   We have found that simple is better, traveling light is good,  less is more and………small spaces are happy places 😀‼️   Our Mercedes Benz Sprinter RV by Pleasure-Way is all that and so much more!  But whatever your small space is….RV,  boat,  tiny house, dorm room, apt…you can make it a happy place!   We will be posting more on the Sprinter itself  & Pleasure-Way RV’s later!   Sally always says, “ How can it look so small, and seem so big inside?”   ………looks really small, right? 😯


One key to living in a small space is traveling light .  For example, Paul wanted a music studio…….So he created one by tying his guitar overhead with a 99 cent dog chew.😂. And then told Sally “it’s perfect.” ( *Dog chew tied guitar above passenger seat below)😊  Small spaces are happy places .   In our 80 square feet we have created a “music studio, lounge, office, kitchen , & master suite.”  Thank you Pleasure-Way for making this possible!

Lets start at the “front door” ….Both of us enjoy the large sliding door (unique to The Sprinter )  which opens to our forward “lounge” by swiveling the two driving seats aft.   This provides access to our “office” & for TV viewing.  We store our maps, laptops, travel guides & binoculars, etc here also.    We do have a table to set up  , but we have found that 2 lap trays work great for everything from eating to deskwork!    Simple is better.

Next, you will love cooking in this “ kitchen,” opening up to the great outdoors !  Sally has made  everything from brownies to roasts in the microwave convection oven.  Look for RV friendly recipes in later posts and also how to make complete meals in only one saucepan or frypan.  Traveling light is good.    …….However, Paul will tell you that Sally is also good at making ………restaurant reservations.😂

And finally the “master suite”.  …this bed can also fold up into an aft lounge.  However, this involves putting the bed up & down everyday ( its electric, but still) plus making & unmaking it. 😱. So we did the only reasonable thing …….which was to put a sleep number mattress on it & swivel the front seats to make the forward lounge🤗.  Who needs 2 lounges anyway?    And we only bring 2 small roller bags of clothes which we store in the upper cabinets & small closet.  Less is more.   

It only takes us a few minutes to transform our roaming RV to our homey RV!!    We park,  plug electrical in, swivel the seats,  put our feet up & pour a glass of wine.  In nice weather we like to open up the slider door & the big double back doors…..both have full screens,  so no bug worries.   It takes only  the same few minutes to button things up in the morning to leave and be on the road again!  So whether you love the mountains, desert, beach or all three……you will enjoy this kind of ease!

So how do we live & travel the world in such a small space?…..Simple is better, less is more, traveling light is good, and ……..small spaces can be your happy places too! 😀.    We think the Mercedes Benz Sprinter RV by Pleasure-Way is the only way to travel and we are more than ready to go around the World!🌎    For now, get ready for a beautiful drive up the Columbia Gorge & on to Spokane ,Washington   Till then, Happy Trails & God Bless. 🙏

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