Salmon River Delight & The Spruce Goose Site !

Do you feel slightly melancholy when it’s time to leave the  the  beach, sand & surf behind and turn inland?   We always do, and we especially felt it after that spectacular drive up the California & Oregon Coast.  But when we actually turned East onto The Salmon River Hwy at Lincoln City,  our downer quickly turned to delight!  🤗Highway 18,  also named The Salmon River Highway,  is a lovely quiet drive through an enchanting forest filled with  fabulous green foliage!  The  33 mile long Salmon River  will soothe your senses with its impressive views of Mt Hood & gently cascading waterfalls.  It’s best known for its Fall run of chinook salmon, but besides fishing it’s the perfect place for camping, hiking, picnicking and simply strolling along & contemplating life……ahhhhh!  If you’re lucky you can spot wildlife from squirrels to elk!🐿….🦌

We wanted to linger , but we were also anxious to continue on up the Highway to McMinnville, OR.   Why were we anxious?🤔.   Because the Evergreen Aviation Museum is located here and  is home now to the famous and infamous Spruce Goose.  And also because Sally began her airline aviation career here at Evergreen International Airlines in 1982….before the Museum was even started in 1991!   Paul thinks that’s famous, Sally….. not so much.😂.   Well, anyway the Museum was inspired by Capt Michael Smith, son of Delford Smith who founded Evergreen International Airlines,  with a small collection of vintage aircraft.  Now it displays many aircraft, spacecraft & aviation related showrooms, videos & displays.

The Spruce Goose,  officially The Hughes H-4 Hercules, has an amazing history as does its designer Howard Hughes & ship builder Henry Kaiser.   It was the largest aircraft ever built……over 5 stories tall with a wingspan larger than a football field ,  8 engines & built of birch for the U.S. Dept of War.   There were extensive delays  & problems costing appx $285 million in today’s dollars and it wasn’t completed until the war was over.  Hughes was still determined to fly it…..and on Nov 2, 1947 he lifted off for 26 seconds at 70 feet above the water in the Long Beach Harbor, CA and ………..the Spruce Goose never flew again….


After being displayed in Long Beach , CA it was transported by barge, train and truck to the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, OR in 1993.     The Museum was renamed in 1997 the “Captain Michael King Smith Evergreen Aviation Educational Center “ in memory of Capt Michael Smith who died in an automobile accident in March 1995.

We hope you enjoyed this little tour!  Beautiful scenery and interesting stops are just a few of the joys of RV life! Next it’s another gorgeous drive up the Columbia Gorge & on to Spokane, WA.     You’re going to love it!   But first we are going to tell you a little about living in 80 square feet!!!🤗.    And how to pick great RV parks like this one just east of Portland, OR.   Till then, Happy Trails & God Bless🙏



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