Eureka‼️….Eureka, California❗️

You just never know when you are going to stumble on an adventure , do you?  Some are planned and turn out to be less than adventuresome 😏 ……and some you are just not expecting and there it is!!🤗   Eureka is a little gem of an adventure, located on the shores of Humboldt Bay just 100 miles South of the Oregon border.  Being the AdventurAyers, we were delighted to find this storybook town & we hope you are too!  The magnificent Carson Mansion has a very intriguing  past, but  first don’t miss the harbor, Old Town & The Carter House Inn B&B!!

The Carson Mansion is said to be the most grand Victorian home in America.     William Carson, a lumber baron, built it for his wife in 1884 &  it still retains the lowered cabinetry built for her shorter stature.  William Carson continued to live there & prosper until 1950 when they left the area.  The mansion was purchased in 1950 for  35,000$ by local business leaders & is currently a private club named the Ingomar Club.  It was named after Carson’s favorite play,  “Ingomar the Barbarian”.  He also built this beauty right across the street for his daughter………(lucky daughter😀)


We were out walking when we came across a lovely lady who basically gave us all this information and more.  She was so informative & interesting I really wanted to video her.  But she just wanted to talk to us & water her flowers.  She lives in one of these houses which she told us were the original “track houses” built in the Edwardian style to honor Queen Victoria after her passing in 1901.  Our new friend had just put out this paper sack which she said chased all the yellow jacket bees away because they think it’s a wasp nest. Great idea, right?  Paul told Sally his favorite “historical sight”  was The Lost Coast Brewery! 😂  Great local craft beers! 🍻

We hope you enjoyed Eureka as much as we did!  On we went thru California’s remarkable Redwood National Park.  These Redwood trees are so giant , you will feel like you are driving through an Enchanted Forest & even better to wake up in! The State Parks are a good choice!

Now it’s on to the spectacular Oregon Coastline,  ….. Till then Happy Trails & God Bless.🙏


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