I Left My Heart ❤️…….

There are so many reasons to “leave your heart” in the Beautiful Bay Area!  So we briefly left Hwy 1 to Hwy 101 to take it all in.  Do you love bridges?   WE DO…every time we go over one….grand bridges like this Golden Gate Bridge or little covered wooden bridges!  We always exclaim “Wow!”   San Francisco and all the surrounding areas are so rich in beauty & things to do and see!

Just over this beautiful bridge , Sausalito awaits to charm you!  Darling shops,  restaurants……from  historic houses on stilts (dating back to 1884, can you imagine?😜),  to airplanes on floats …it’s all here & so much more!  What will you discover⁉️


We wanted to linger, but our RV is shipping from the East Coast to Europe  in just a few  weeks now!  Don’t want to miss the boat!😂.   And, suffering from excessive bliss we missed our turnoff back to Hwy 1.😱.   Sally said no worries, let’s take Panoramic Highway, it’s really direct!  Ha!…. panoramic yes…..direct, not so much😂.  This is just a little piece……( note to self, clean the windshield , or we need a GoPro… but you get the idea🤗)


Sometimes when you miss the turnoff, it’s even better! This Highway is aptly named “Panoramic,” with sweeping views across the valleys all the way down to the sea!  Paul deserves kudos for turning around, stopping, backing up, slowing down, speeding up, pulling over, etc  when Sally says “ Oh, that would make a great picture.” 👏

018129F8-66EF-4D2D-8615-178DFC0DA097After more bends and turns we hooked up once again with Highway 1 and head for Bodega Bay.  One of our favorite spots , and if you like quaint little fishing villages &  overnights in the harbor, it might make your list too!  One of the great things about RV life is you can often park right on the beach or right next to the boats like in Bodega Bay Marina & RV Park!  And who can resist salt water taffy at Patrick’s?😋


Next we discovered  a hidden gem of a little town right before we crossed the border to Oregon!  Who knew?.!  Till then, Happy Trails and God Bless.🙏


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