🐬From Monterrey to….Half Moon Bay🌛

Heavenly Highway 1 will take you from breathtaking jagged ocean cliffs to gently rolling sandy beaches & everything in between!  The winding road wrapping around the coastline can be challenging.  However, driving  our MZB Sprinter was a complete joy,  handling all the turns,  ups & downs and all arounds, beautifully like always!  There are so many reasons to love this uniquely remarkable RV,  we soon will devote a whole post to describing them…..🚐

Both of us enjoy driving it!  Paul usually starts out & has lots of reasons why he should continue…..like, “tomorrow out of such and such would make a really nice drive for you.” 😂 Sally has found that bribing him with a food stop usually makes for a good transfer of the wheel.😉🌮

Which is what we did in Monterrey!  Mexican food works really well because it’s his favorite! 👍  There are a multitude of wonderful & scenic restaurants on this beautiful peninsula.  We headed for historic Cannery Row & discovered El Torito Grill.  Great food & beautiful views. We saw more sea otters, sea lions, seals, birds , the glass bottom boat & even kayakers !  Can’t recommend it more highly!!

With Sally successfully driving 🤗…. we continued!  Not knowing what to expect around any bend we discovered THIS just south of Half Moon Bay ‼️  Can you believe it?   They must be going 25-30 miles an hour!  WOW, can’t you just feel the excitement?  Don’t miss this!

We met Paul’s brother at his favorite “infamous and very quaint” Cameron’s Pub in Half Moon Bay! Did I mention that we seek out local Pubs, Cafes & Diners?  We use this sure fire method …..Find the one with the most cars in front…this one packed!  Works every time…….delicious food, fun decor & even more fun people! Yes…..those really are all beer cans…and there are just as many on another wall. 🍺 🍺🍺😜

One of the lovely things about this route are the many RV Resorts & State Parks to stay where you will be lulled to sleep by the ocean!  Half Moon State Beach Park is handily located next to the Pub, or the adjoining Inn is even more handily located!😂

Next is Highway 101, equally scenic & wait till you see Sausalito!  Till then, Happy Trails & God Bless🙏



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