🌅California Dreamin…Highway 1🌅

…….REALLY ‼️   We LOVE the ocean…..we love looking at it, walking by it,  sailing on it,  listening to those wonderful waves, &  smelling that amazing fresh ocean air …..Well, you get the idea😊…..‼️   So driving along this spectacular coastal route in our RV was Heavenly!    While we are on our way to Europe & far away places,   Hwy 1 was THE perfect beginning!  .🌅

Besides the panoramic ocean vistas,  you can stop all along the way and enjoy  everything from adorable Sea Otters, dolphins & coastal birds to very friendly squirrels!…..OK, the food might have something to do with the friendly part😉

Paul was blessed to grow up by the ocean where he developed his passions for surfing, scuba diving, swimming & sailing.    He loves to check the clarity of ANY water ….   Yes, even this water! 😂   Sally grew up on a lake waterskiing , but has found “the Sea is the perfect place to be, especially in her homey RV.”🌅🚐

We both admired the clarity of the ocean with these darling Sea Otters in Morro Bay.   Sadly, they have become an endangered species but you can still spot  them from  here to Santa Cruz.

This video doesn’t exist

This entire Coastal Route is full of charming & fun places to go, things to do & people to meet!  Whether you cruise all of it or just a piece, you are bound to be delighted!   If you love to RV by the Sea….you’ll find no shortage of  Beach RV Resorts,  seaside cafes, scenic viewpoints , & miles of sandy beach to walk.

Can it get any better??   Wait till you see what we discovered continuing North on Heavenly Highway 1?!  Till then, Happy Trails & God Bless🙏



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