On the Road Again….🚐

🎼 ..We just can’t wait to get on the road again..🎼. Actually we sing a round of this everyday we start out &  sometimes Paul even plays it on his guitar.  We love being on the road in our RV!  Maybe because it reminds us of our flying careers……..you go somewhere new everyday , you meet new people,  you see beautiful sights, & you discover new restaurants & activities.   Its pretty unknown what the day might bring….Life in our  RV  really IS “like a box of chocolates.” 🤗.  The Mercedes Benz Sprinter by Pleasure-Way RV is purrrfect for the “roaming couple”, which we definitely are!  Overnight and we are on our way……Today beginning with our favorite route along the California Coastline.

Hwy 126 on the way to Hwy 1 will take you through Historic Filmore & Santa Paula.  If you like Museums, Trains, Airports & Cafes these charming towns are for you.   (Kinda sounds like a country song, huh? …..😂. )   Karaoke Thursday’s are a hoot at The Flight 126 Cafe with great views, food & locals!

We found Pappy’s Diner by chance…..and what a find!  Right off Hwy 101 the down home food is beyond delicious & the staff beyond friendly.  See the photos of Roy Rogers & so many others who have frequented this must see Diner!

California Highway 1, is one of the most spectacular drives in America.  There are so many beautiful sites to see and activities along this route.  Every moment is a photo op & it’s hard to capture or even take in the beauty!   There is something for everyone, surfing, horseback riding,  boating, fishing, walking or just simply enjoying the amazing scenery.  Morro Bay is one of our favorite spots and a must see!    We are looking forward to the Italian Amalfi Coast but this is panoramic!

Bye for now……Next we will have some great California Highway 1 videos & pics for all you animal lovers!   Till then, Happy Trails & God Bless🙏




  1. Hi Sally & Paul,

    Love this part of your story.
    Morro Bay a beautiful location.
    Must be such a pleasure to ride a horse on that sandy beach.

    Much love
    Mahin &Martin


    • Hi Mahin & Martin…. if you ever get the chance this is a wonderful place to visit… especially in an RV! We didn’t ride, but agree it would be great!! Thx so much, Sally & Paul. 😘 PS( No worries, I make typos all the time)😜


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