From Floating home⛵️ Rolling home 🚐

How in the world did we get HERE  ⁉️😜.   It all started in 2016 when we bought our  Mercedes Benz Sprinter RV by Pleasure Way to do “a little traveling.”  We drove it home (yes, we had a “real” home then) and the next day we drove non stop…. to a state park one half mile away😂. We discovered we liked it so much we actually spent a few nights in our own driveway…

This is really fun we said….let’s plan a West Coast Adventure!!  We called this ”Huggymoon One”, but that’s another story:-)   We visited 9 Western States & lots of friends & family in 2 months.  And we only exploded one air mattress at 11,000 feet driving through the Rockies & nearly backed over one mail box in Utah.     We had many laughs & only a few tears when a cup of coffee landed in my valise & drowned my laptop  😥.    All ended well though &  we  learned ALOT  about living in 80 square feet!!    We are definitely ready for a longer Trip!

How about a Route 66 Adventure we thought,,, then on to the TX coast and the beach route all the way to Maine.   And now we are surely ready for International Travel, right?  So on we went through 9 Southern Canadian Provinces, down the West Coast & home eight months later!!   We called this “ Huggymoon 2,”,,,,yep,  another whole  story:-).

Now we have put 24,000 miles on our RV in 2 years & even gone International !  Why not an Adventure through Europe we mused?!     And as long as we shipped our RV all the way there………Sally says wouldn’t it be fun to go to Australia & New Zealand?!!       Being  eternal optimists we completely underestimated everything that idea would involve.  Which turned out to be leasing our “real” home,  storing most of our belongings, moving to our Beneteau Oceanis sailboat,  selling 2 cars & a motorcycle , & so on…!  (We will be posting more about life on the  Beneteau Oceanis sailboat later.)     Sally actually  “sprained”  her feet with all the prep, ( who knew that was even possible?!).  And Paul was exhausted which Nobody thought was possible!

So that’s a short (sort of)  version of how in the world we got HERE! 🚐🌎….Huggymoon3!    Now we are Off in our RV ,to drive across the U.S. & ship our RV to England & travel through Europe, then shipping on to Australia & New Zealand‼️  We hope this entertains, inspires or encourages you on your adventures!   Happy Trails & God Bless🙏


  1. Hi Sall & Paul,

    I have just started to read your wonderful stories. From floating home to Rolling home. How exciting and I love the Huggmoon time.😍😀.

    Much love
    Mahin & Martin

    Liked by 1 person

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